The Ulysses Hypertext is an electronic, multi-interlinked critical edition of the notebooks and drafts – holographs, typescripts and proofs – that together comprise the complete manuscript of James Joyce’s masterpiece. The original documents are conserved in various libraries and private collections (including the National Library of Ireland, the Universities of Buffalo, Harvard, Cornell, Texas at Austin, and the Rosenbach Museum). The Ulysses Draft Analysis is an extract from the hypertext. It presents an annotated listing of the numerous components of the Ulysses manuscript. Extended to include the notebooks, it is modeled on the Finnegans Wake draft analysis as published in the James Joyce Archive (New York; Garland, 1977-78). Textual scholars will find that this coded analysis provides a stable base for reference; for example, the annotations in Danis Rose, The Dublin Ulysses Papers by James Joyce, vols. 1-6 (Lansing: House of Breathings, 2012) are keyed to it.

It is hoped that, in due course and given the cooperation of the holding libraries concerned, in addition to critically edited transcriptions the codes will be hyperlinked to high definition images of the documents cited.

Danis Rose, 31 May, 2012.