Second Edition of ‘The Dublin Ulysses Papers’ Now Available

Dublin Ulysses Papers 2nd Ed

Dublin Ulysses Papers 2nd Ed

THE  DUBLIN  ULYSSES  PAPERS  by  JAMES JOYCE, Edited & Annotated by Danis Rose, 2nd Edition, Revised & Enhanced (November 2012)


House of Breathings announces the Revised Edition of The Dublin Ulysses Papers by James Joyce, edited and annotated by Danis Rose.

This major scholarly work is the first appearance in print of the National Library of Ireland’s large collection of the early drafts and notes from which Joyce composed his great novel Ulysses. The newly revised edition benefits from thousands of further entries and significant additional details to the first printing (March 2012). Of seminal importance to Joyce studies, these documents were acquired by the National Library in three tranches (2000, 2002, 2006) and are now available in six volumes, expertly ordered, annotated, internally interrelated and contextualized by Danis Rose.

Rose, of Dublin, Ireland, is one of the most distinguished scholars of James Joyce’s compositional methods. For the National Library, for Alexis Léon, and for Jean-Claude Vrain he authenticated the documents in this collection prior to the National Library’s acquisition of them. He is co-editor with John O’Hanlon of the restored text of Joyce’s Finnegans Wake (Houynhnhnm Press, 2010; Penguin, 2012). His publications include The James Joyce Archive: Vols. 28-63The Index ManuscriptUnderstanding Finnegans WakeThe Lost NotebookThe Textual Diaries of James Joyce; Ulysses: A New Reader’s Edition; and the forthcoming biography, Ghosts in the Lilac Garden: James Joyce, 1921-22.

The Dublin Ulysses Papers is published in an edition of six paperback volumes by House of Breathings, Lansing, Michigan, USA. Volumes may be purchased individually or as a set from the Publisher’s website. You may also download the Prospectus.

Danis Rose, The Dublin Ulysses Papers by James Joyce (Lansing: House of Breathings, 2012), Complete Set: 1268pp; Paperbound, 10.5” x 7.8”; $1000/€780. For the prices of individual volumes, please email the Publisher.

For Details, Orders & Enquiries visit the website or email the Publisher at

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