Edited & Annotated by Danis Rose

2nd Edition, Revised & Enhanced (November 2012)

Prospectus  /  Foreword & Preface

House of Breathings announces the Revised Edition of The Dublin Ulysses Papers by James Joyce, edited and annotated by Danis Rose.

The newly revised edition benefits from thousands of further entries and significant additional details to the first printing (March 2012). This major scholarly work is the first appearance in print of the National Library of Ireland’s large collection of the early drafts and notes from which Joyce composed his great novel Ulysses. Of seminal importance to Joyce studies, these documents were acquired by the National Library in three tranches (2000, 2002, 2006) and are now available in six volumes, expertly ordered, annotated, internally interrelated and contextualized by Danis Rose.

Rose, of Dublin, Ireland, is one of the most distinguished scholars of James Joyce’s compositional methods and practice. For the National Library, for Alexis Léon, and for Jean-Claude Vrain he authenticated the documents in this collection prior to the National Library’s acquisition of them. He is co-editor with John O’Hanlon of the restored text of Joyce’s Finnegans Wake (Houynhnhnm Press, 2010; Penguin, 2012). His publications include The James Joyce Archive: Vols. 28-63; The Index Manuscript; Understanding Finnegans Wake; The Lost Notebook; The Textual Diaries of James Joyce; Ulysses: A New Reader’s Edition; and the forthcoming biography, Ghosts in the Lilac Garden: James Joyce, 1921-22.

The Dublin Ulysses Papers is published in an edition of six paperback volumes by House of Breathings, Lansing, Michigan, USA. Volumes may be purchased individually or as a set from the Publisher.

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Danis Rose, The Dublin Ulysses Papers by James Joyce (Lansing: House of Breathings, 2012), Complete Set: 1268pp; Paperbound, 10.5” x 7.8”; $1000/€780. For the prices of individual volumes, please email the Publisher.

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2nd Edition

2nd Edition

In Six Volumes:


Proteus (u3) draft 0 (eo-text)
First known draft: written as a sequence of vignettes on the first 9 pages of a 28-page exercise book.
MS: NLI 36,639/7A, pages (1)-(9)

Scylla and Charybdis (u9) draft 1 (proto-text)
Early draft, written in ink, with ink and pencil revisions, continuously into three coverless exercise books, 33 leaves with all rectos and most versos written on.
MS: NLI 36,639/8A-C, fols. 1-33

Sirens (u11) draft 1 (eo-text) Second draft of earlier section of text, followed by the first drafts of miscellaneous (uncoordinated) segments of the Bloom sections: written on pages 10-27 of a 28-page exercise book (see also Proteus draft above)
MS: NLI 36,639/7A, pages (10)-(27)

Sirens (u11) draft 2 (proto-text)
First half of early draft written over two notebooks (the second half is Buffalo V.A.5 and is not included here).
MS: NLI MS 36,639/9, pages 1-20

Cyclops (u12) draft 1 (proto-text)
First extant draft, written in fragments over two copybooks, Buffalo V.A.8 (not included here) and the present copybook (the second written) of 12 leaves numbered (misnumbered) by Joyce 25-38, 40-49.
MS: NLI MS 36,639/10, pages 25-40

Oxen of the Sun (u14) draft 1 (proto-text)
First extant draft, written in fragments over four notebooks, two at Buffalo, V.A.11 and V.A.12 (not included here), and two (the last written) at the National Library of Ireland.
NLI.11A fols. 1-8; NLI.11B fols. 2-16

Oxen of the Sun (u14) draft 2 (fair copy)
First fair copy of the episode, divided by Joyce into sections and written in onto 9 small copybooks (six at Buffalo and three at the National Library of Ireland). The prologue is found written at the end of the previous draft’s copybooks and the epilogue is written on three loose sheets (at the National Library): Trieste, late April–mid May 1920.
NLI.11B fols. 19-17 [prologue]; NLI.11C fols. 1-5 [section III]; NLI.11D fols. 1-2 [section V]; NLI.11E fols. 1-9 [section IX]; NLI.11F fols. 1-3 [epilogue]


Circe (u15) draft 2 (proto-text)

Third draft of the first half of the episode, and the first draft of an extension, written in a small exercise book.
NLI MS 36,639/12, fols. 1-24

Circe (u15) draft 3 (fair copy and proto-text)

Complex fourth draft encompassing the entire episode (some sections appear here for the first time, others for the second time) written on 27 large sheets of paper. This is the famous Quinn Manuscript.
NLI MS 23,030, fols. 1-27

Eumeus (u16) draft 0 (fragments of eo-text)

First draft of the episode found in a manuscript which surfaced briefly in the early 2000s, only to be purchased by a private collector and disappear again. The present partial edition (it is far from complete and merely gives a flavour of the original) was compiled from the illustrations in Sotheby’s catalogue and from a brief glance at the original.
MS Private Collection

Ithaca (u17) draft 1 (proto-text)

First extant draft; consists of unordered question and answer blocks, most of them probably first drafts, written in a small 36-leaf copybook. Paris, Summer-Autumn 1921.
NLI MS 36,639/13, fols. 1-15 (rectos and versos).

Penelope (u18) draft 1 (fair copy and proto-text)

First extant draft encompassing the entire episode. This is probably a copy of an earlier missing eo-draft (draft 0). This draft takes up about half of a pink-covered copybook.
NLI MS 36,639/14, fols. 1-19 (rectos and versos).

Miscellaneous Fragments dated 1923. Vrain MSS 5; 1, 2, 7.


N01 (Ulysses notebook 1)
NLI MS 36,639/3: 32 page notebook dated c. October 1917.


N04 (Ulysses notebook 4)
NLI MS 36,639/5A: 60 page notebook dated ca. 1920


N05 (Ulysses notebook 5)
NLI MS 36,639/5B: 24 page notebook dated ca. 1920.


N06 (Ulysses notebook 6)
NLI MS 36,639/4: 24 page notebook dated 1921.


The Volumes are perfect-bound paperbacks. The transcriptions are annotated, internally interrelated, and contextualized with the published work.

For Sale in the USA and All Territories in which the Unpublished Manuscripts of James Joyce were in the Public Domain on 1 January 2012.

© 2012 Danis Rose
House of Breathings (Lansing, Michigan, USA)


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