DANIS ROSE, of Dublin, Ireland, is one of the most distinguished scholars of James Joyce’s compositional methods and practice. For the National Library, for Alexis Léon, and for Jean-Claude Vrain he authenticated the documents in this collection prior to the National Library’s acquisition of them. He is co-editor with John O’Hanlon of the restored text of Joyce’sFinnegans Wake (Houynhnhnm Press, 2010; Penguin, 2012). His publications includeThe James Joyce Archive: Vols. 28-63The Index ManuscriptUnderstanding Finnegans WakeThe Lost NotebookThe Textual Diaries of James Joyce; Ulysses: A New Reader’s Edition; and the forthcoming biography, Ghosts in the Lilac Garden: James Joyce, 1921-22.

Sketch of James Joyce by Danis Rose